Focusky 3.7.4

Focusky 3.7.4
Focusky 3.7.4

Focusky is software squarely designed and aimed at making HTML5 based presentations quickly and easily. We think it appeals to both creatively minded and business people in equal measure.

For years the presentation scene has been dominated by Microsoft’s PowerPoint, but in recent times, people have been looking for something that does a little bit more. Fortunately there are some alternatives that work just as well, and give better results that MS’s staid offering.

One such alternative is Focusky, and it can bring new life and wow your audience with very little extra effort, making you look like a tech master and a presentation wizard.

Focusky uses HTML5, and that’s great because HTML5 based presentation can be played on just about any device going, and is pretty much guaranteed to look great. (depending of course on how interesting your presentation and the subject matter at hand is. If you work in Human Resources, Focusky wont be able to do anything to help you. But then nothing will.)

Focusky works on several different levels. A simple basic presentation can be put together in just a few minutes, much like PowerPoint, and whether you’ve used presentation software before or not, the basics are, well basic, and most users will have no problem adapting quickly.

For more advanced users and those looking to really put together a powerful presentation, Focusky also has some advanced and really cool features.

There are any number transitions, animations, and options for multimedia integration. The Focusky app is also really good value because it lets you watch, access, and present your presentation any time and anywhere. Whatever your business, whatever your goals, being able to whip out and show of a killer presentation is really quite handy, and it works both online and offline, which is very good.

(One of our freelancers in the softone1 office carries around a sales pitch Focusky presentation on his Android Phone that contains examples of his writing, places and people he’s worked for, links to online content, and actual video references from clients. It also has some pictures of his dog. (We don’t know why either, but it has got him a lot of work over the years))

Focusky also comes with robust encryption features which is added peace of mind if you are presenting confidential or secret information.

The software is intuitive and Focusky has been designed for people who just want to get stuff done. That said, there a lot of options and menus within Focusky. You shouldn’t get lost, but if you do, the help sections are informative and helpful.

Key Features (not all available in the free version)

  • 3D Camera-style presentation support.
  • Free and paid versions.
  • Lots of library resources.
  • Reasonable pricing structures compared with competitors.
  • Multi-language support.
  • HTML5 based: Can be played on just about any device or OS.
  • Cloud-based platform.
  • Presentations can be output as .html, .exe, .zip, .app, .mp4, or .pdf files.
  • Focusky App.

The free version of Focusky does of course lack some of the features that the paid version offers, but is still a very capable of producing impressive presentations, but the size of presentations is limited.

Overall, Focusky is a worthy, impressive, capable, and intuitive piece of presentation software, and one that comes highly recommended.

Title: Focusky 3.7.4
File size: 273.39MB (286,666,761 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Commercial Trial
Date added: November 20, 2017
Author: Focusky Software Co., Ltd.
MD5 Checksum: B0F28DEF861F90A77D7D2A3AD3769D4B

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